広告掲載方法 / How to advertise in LinK

1. 広告料金 / For charged ads


30文字(アルファベット) 400円/月
Word count 30characters (alphabet)
Picture and logo can’t be used.
*If you need translation into English, the cost is 10yen per one Japanese character is needed.



*Back full ad costs 60,000 yen per month.

Life in Kansai

2. 入稿方法 / Send your ad.

Sending data by e-mail is the best way.


メール mail address :


郵送:〒542-0081 大阪市中央区南船場2-11-12 アオヤマビル9F
By mail: Aoyama Bldg 9F, 2-11-12, Minamisemba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0081
FAX : (06)6210-4965
By FAX : (06)6210-4965


*データはIndesign, Illustrator はCS3で保存願います。カラーはCMYKでの仕上がりとなります。
*For Indesign and Illustrator users, please save your data as CS3 version. The color process used CMYK.

3. 支払方法 / How to pay.

・郵便振替(00910-0-329693, Life in Kansai)
・ Postal transfer (00910-0-329693, Life in Kansai)


・ Bank transfer (Mizuho Bank, Minamisemba Branch, Futsu, 1864692, Welfare Solutions.,Co,Ltd.)
*Advertisers are responsible for deposit fees.


・PayPal こちらからお願いします。
・ Paypal system can be used. Click here.


②Deadline for Dec issue: Feb 25. You should complete all 3 steps.


①Deadline for advertisers whose design or translation is made by LinK is Feb 20.

Life in Kansai

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