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Chef’s paradise in Namba, Doguyasuji

Written by Life in Kansai

Calling all cookery addicts – there’s a street in Osaka you just can’t miss. Packed with kitchen supplies, it’s a great chance to shop for gifts for family, friends and, of course, yourself.

In the Namba area of Osaka, the 150-metre-long street of Doguyasuji is lined with shops crammed top to bottom with everything you could possibly need to run a kitchen – or, in fact, an entire restaurant. From chopping boards to teppan (tabletop grills), chopstick rests to decorative bento boxes, it’s all here. You can even find specialist shops for restaurant signs and plastic display food, as well as what appears to be an entire shop for order pads. Oh, and of course, top-quality kitchen knives of every shape and size.

Even if you don’t happen to be a chef or restaurateur, but just the average home-cooking enthusiast or simply a fan of nice tableware, take a stroll down Doguyasuji and you’ll be hard-pushed to leave empty-handed. The shops are bursting with enticing-looking equipment for your kitchen and dining room, mainly at very reasonable prices. You don’t usually have to be buying in bulk to get a good deal, nor will they turn you away if you don’t own your own restaurant.

IMG_20150622_181005So, a bit of history. How has this curiously specialist street come about? Well, over one hundred years ago Doguyasuji, which links Hozenji Temple with Shitennoji Temple and Imaebisu Shrine, was the location of shops selling antiques and sundries to worshippers as they passed between the temples. Gradually, these shops developed into wholesalers and then, during the twentieth, century evolved into the kitchen and restaurant outfitters that line Doguyasuji today. As the ‘nation’s kitchen’, Osaka is home to thousands of restaurants, so culinary equipment is in high demand. Doguyasuji meets this demand as the Osakan equivalent of Kappabashi, Tokyo’s ‘Kitchen Town’.
You’ll find Doguyasuji just a 3-minute walk from Namba Station, so take some time to enjoy browsing the precariously-stacked aisles. The street is covered so it makes a perfect detour for a rainy day. But be warned – if you have even the slightest interest in cookery this street is addictive!

The LinK team recently visited Doguyasuji with a TV crew to help make a show about international visitors to Osaka.doguyasuji

By Life in Kansai


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