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Founder of Shalestone Music and Kansai Music Conference, Duane Levi has been striving to make changes in the music industry in Japan since 2006. Between being a full-time dad, working as a psychologist, running his own company as well as various other projects, he stays busy, traveling all around the country.

Life in Kansai has the pleasure of introducing him on a personal level, discussing his vision of his business and the future of music agencies in Japan.
First off, what is the best way to describe your business?
It is almost like a travel agency for musicians. When the artists arrive in Japan, we meet them at the airport, manage their tour and during the time they are here, we show them the real Japan through authentic restaurants and introductions. It is hard for musicians to organize a tour by themselves because of the cultural gap, so our clients are pleased to have a guide to show them the ropes and the way the business works here.
What was it like in the early stages of your career here in Japan?duane2
After settling in during my first year in Osaka, I spent a lot of time researching and reading blogs to find that there were hundreds of musicians that wanted to set up tours in Japan, but didn’t know how to go about it. I decided to go in the direction of becoming a tour agent with a goal of working towards making it easier for artists to establish connections here.
Who are some of the artists you are currently working with?
So many amazing artists; Petra Jarrar (US) Katya (US), Stellar Addiction (Australia), Tikahiri (Tahiti), Xandra Corpora Band (Nagoya) and I recently did a tour with The Restless Sons (US) who saw coming to Japan as a dream come true.
What is a day like for you?
I could be anywhere! In a van with musicians traveling around the country or working here in Osaka having meetings, giving presentations, etc. I am so grateful to all of the people that have helped me to build Shalestone Music and Kansai Music Conference to where they are now. I look forward to becoming more connected and providing more opportunities for musicians.

For those interested in working with Duane,
please contact him through the following mail addresses
Shalestone Music (booking services) –
www /
Hard Rock Café Osaka (Friday night booking) –
Kansai Music Conference – /

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