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Heating It Up At Summer Sonic

Get excited for a weekend of music, fun and festivities in Osaka’s Maishima this August.

Summer is in full swing and the weather is just getting hotter and hotter. But nothing blasts out summer fun like outdoor festivals and amazing music! Kansai has its very own open-air music festival setting up stage in Maishima world returning again and again! However, even with fantastic line-ups, not all the artists performing will be names you recognise. One of the best things about Summer Sonic is that it’s an excellent chance to experience music you haven’t heard before. Here you can check out bands that you wouldn’t normally stumble upon and discover many a diamond in the rough. To get ready for the amazing tunes you’ll be hearing, make BULLET FOR MY VALENTINEsure you scope out all the artists beforehand on YouTube.

This year Osaka has a first-class collection of artists performing on its stages, including the well-loved Panic! At The Disco, Two Door Cinema Club, Weezer and Bullet For My Valentine, plus the great Radiohead and The Offspring rocking it out alongside them. The acapella group Pentatonix, who have rocketed to success in recent years, will visit the Osaka stage again this year during their world tour, while international favourite Baby Metal will be mixing genres this year for fans in the audience. Japanese rock musicians such as The Yellow Monkey and Acid Black Cherry will also put in an apperance. Be sure to take a look at the full list on the Summer Sonic website:

Music festivals are a great place to unwind, but don’t spoil your weekend by overdoing it! Remember this is the height of Japanese summer, and sunstroke is a real possibility. Keep yourself hydrated, sun creamed and bouncing to the beats! Now for a bit of planning. Here are a few items that I highly recommend you add to your festival survival kit. Apart from the essential sun cream and (lots of) water, make sure you also take bug spray to fend off those mosquitoes! Also on your list should be a ground mat, flat shoes, toilet paper, bin bags, wet wipes and a small towel. These will all help you cope with the crowds of people, hours of standing, standard Japanese summer weather and endless lines to the bathrooms.

A word of advice: try to aRADIOHEADvoid taking photos or recording the concerts. You will see signs everywhere banning cameras, photography and filming. If you haven’t been to a Japanese music event before, you’ll notice the lack of people filming or taking photos for memories. Instead, people simply enjoy themselves in the moment. Also, you may want to consider planning your day out. Do you know where the venue is? How are you going to get there? What time is your last train? There’s nothing more stressful than being stuck far from home or your hotel with no easy way of getting back.

Lastly, make sure you know which stages you want to spend your time at. Check out which artists are where and make a rough plan of who you want to see. Sadly,the show times aren’t always accurate but just keep in mind that the peak time slot is 8:30pm. I can guarantee you that most popular artists will be playing around then. So, to avoid rushing around frantically to catch every performance and running the risk of missing out, choose your favourites and simply have fun!


By Meghan Bridges

Tickets and Access
For English-language information on tickets, see this page on the Summer Sonic site: www.

To access the festival venue take Osaka Subway’s Chuo line. From there you can take a 10-minute free shuttle bus to the venue at Maishima.

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