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For people who may not know you, can you briefly introduce yourself 

I get a big thrill in creating excitement and energy for audiences with my drumming, (from jazz to pop, rock, Latin and world music) and my daily practice has, over many years, transformed my playing and even my attitude towards life. After 40 years of drumming I still wake up every day eager to play and learn.

How long have you been active in the Kansai music scene and what would you say makes it unique?

I’ve been involved in the Kansai music scene for 14 years- since I first arrived in 2002. Audiences in Kansai are warm hearted and (rowdy??), ready to get to the dance floor.

How can people find out about your music and/or performance schedule?

Eric Wiegmann Drums and Percussion page on Facebook or my website:

What kind of experience can music fans expect if they go to see your performance?

I never give anything less than a 100% when I perform. No matter the volume, genre or size of the venue – I always come to play from my heart.

Which area in Kansai has the craziest music fans?

That’s a really tough question. There are great fans all across Kansai, but I would say Osaka fans are the most out- going and energetic.

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