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UNFORESEEN: a night to remember

Written by Life in Kansai

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Julia of the Dark Angel Dance group brought the Ist International Contemporary Art Festival to a packed-out No Name Café in Namba on 24th April. Watch this space for details of next year’s instalment!


IMG_3892_editOn the last Sunday in April, the D.A.D. group provided a festival to create an entirely UNFORESEEN show. The acts included both individual performances and collaborations, including several improvisations. The evening also featured artists’ exhibitions and presentations of their work. Art and music mingled in the air, fully occupying the space. The participants had the opportunity to showcase their art and individuality but all were united by a common thread. The audience was captivated by this string of unknown and unexpected performances, delighted by each new surprise; the show ran until midnight.
Exhibiting artists
Brendan Howells | Katsuhiro Ito | Javier | Manna Ori | Johnna Slaby | Reylia Slaby | Alexander Zeitlin

Torsten Blad | Mark Elshout | Vlad Jocic | Kingu | Miko | Ezéchiel N’Tsaï| Takashi Tajima | Una Ulla

Julia | Chizuko Kotani | Idumi Yamada | Chizuko’s dance group | D.A.D. Group
Photos and videos from the evening are available at:
See you next year for the 2nd International Contemporary Art Festival!



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