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Summer Sake Sangria

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Written by Life in Kansai

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3 jars_editA Japanese take on a Spanish classic, this refreshing and fruity cocktail is perfect to sip in the sunshine at a lakeside barbecue or just to enjoy drinking while sitting out on a warm summer’s evening. Choose your favourite flavours from the recommendations below.
Serves 2

Bottle of sake (any sake is fine, but the higher quality the better)
Your choice of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, orange, lemon, kiwi, melon or other fruit
Cinnamon (to taste)
Honey (to taste)
1 Place your chosen combination of fruit and spices in a storage jar (something like a Mason jar is ideal).
2 Add fruit and spices to your taste. You can fill the jar with fruit right to the top, just cover the bottom or something in between.
berries_editstrawberries_edit3 Pour sake over fruit and spices to fill the jar. Close the jar.
4 Store in a cool place for one day before drinking.
Recommended combinations
Apple and cinnamon
Honey and lemon
Strawberry and raspberry
Pear and honey


By Life in Kansai


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