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DRAGON GATE is a Kobe based professional wrestling group modelled on the Mexican “Lucha Libre”.

All wrestlers are under 1.8m tall and weigh on average 80kg making it a fast paced, acrobatic spectacle more appealing to the audience.

With 3 wrestlers per side, fighters “tag in” by touch or are automatically “tagged in” when a team mate is ejected from the ring, so the action and fighters are constantly changing.

Performances  centre around rivalries, heroes versus villains and the like, with all the wrestling backed up by centre stage microphone bluster.

The audience never get bored.


Ultimo Dragon who couldn’t join a Japanese wrestling group because of his small stature became a professional wrestler in Mexico and later went on to wrestle in Japan and the United States.

He founded a wrestling school in Mexico called “Toryumon” meaning “gateway to success” for aspiring youngsters who also couldn’t  become professional heavyweight wrestlers like him.

This school was the inspiration behind DRAGON GATE.

Amazingly talented wrestlers who were too small for the heavyweight ranks have been knocking on the door at DRAGON GATE for years now and continue to give highly entertaining shows around the country.

In 2014, there were some 180 events around Japan.

With no promotional staff, wrestlers promote themselves and have recently been attracting the attention of girls in their 20’s, but DRAGON GATE shows are for everyone.

Men, women, young and old, go and check out a live show, you’ll have the time of your life.

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DRAGON GATE Studio“PRIME ZONE” shows live events from the DRAGON GATE arena with English subtitles.

Please check our homepage for more details.

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DRAGON GATE USA established in 2009.
DRAGON GATE JAPAN wrestlers fight twice a year in America.

DRAGON GATE USA wrestlers come and fight in Japan also.


Live show schedule 2015

March 24 Kobe Sanbou Hall  Hamabe-dori5-1-32, Cyuo-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo 6:30pm OPEN

April 19 Wakayama Big Wave  ~MEMORIAL GATE 2015 in Wakayama~ Tebira2-1-1, Wakayama-city, Wakayama 3pm OPEN

There are many shows as well as those above in other prefectures.
Feel free to ask about our other shows outside of the Kansai area.




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