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Top Unique Themed Cafés in Osaka

Cat Cafe
Written by Meghan Bridges

As the days slowly get warmer, more humid and rainier, I believe it’s the perfect time to slip away into a café and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere it can bring. But why not do it differently this time, as Osaka has many types of cafés to offer.

Cat café
Cat cafés have been very popular in Japan and have even been spreading abroad. It all started with one café in the backstreets of America-Mura, Shinsaibashi in Osaka. Neko no Jikan was just an idea at the start – and they weren’t even sure if it would work. But before long, it took off, sparking a craze of cafes where you can relax in the company of cats. So come and enjoy an hour or two in this feline – friendly café with a nice cup of tea and maybe some cake.
If you are looking for a warm place and you love cats, this is the perfect place for you to go.

Owl café Owl Cafe

Another unique animal café in Osaka would be the Owl café. Here the main attraction is getting to hold the owls and touch them. At the owl café, you will be informed on the owls, the rules, how to hold them and then will be able to hold and touch the owls. The staff are very friendly and will help you if you need any assistance. If you’ve never held an owl before and would like to, this would be ideal for you! Come and enjoy the owls with us for a unique experience!

You can find Lucky Owl near Namba

Or Chouette near Shinsaibashi

Alice Through the Looking Glass Café Alice Cafe
The Alice in Wonderland Café is part of a chain of restaurants from Diamond Dining, and has many branches in Tokyo, each with a different name. The Osaka branch is called Alice Through the Looking Glass and uses one book as the theme of the restaurant. This café allows you to leave the busy streets of Osaka and experience the bizarre world of Alice. As a themed restaurant, every aspect of the café is completely decorated along the Alice theme. This includes a large arrangement of dishes, each styled and named after various aspects from the book. Also, the restaurant’s decorations mirror themes, events and characters from the story. So are you ready to follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole?

Video Game BarVideo Game Cafe
This is definitely a popular place to visit, although it isn’t a café but a bar. For anyone interested in video games, this should be on the top of your list. Enjoy the virtual world in a friendly setting with your friends or even on your own. There’s a large variety of games to choose from. So sit down, choose a drink, and immerse yourself in the gaming world.

By Meghan


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