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What is Bellmark?

Written by Life in Kansai

“Supporting a productive environment for all children to study.” The Bellmark foundation was established in 1960. Bellmark points collected can be exchanged for useful school materials to benefit all Japanese schools around the world.


The system is used by 8.4 million families supporting the PTA and has many corporate supporters which donate Yen equal to the Bellmark points displayed on the packaging.


Points can be collected by purchasing everyday groceries.

The process and flow

The two systems run by this organization are the “Build our schools” and “Support our friends” initiatives. The “Build” system follows the exchangeable points program and benefits inner city schools. The “Support” system helps those located in more rural
areas, international Japanese schools, special needs Schools and for those in natural disaster stricken areas. On top of the “money for points” system, any retailer supplying items for the “Support” program re-invests 10% of the total purchase back into the




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